Partners + Artisans


Purchases of our fair trade designated products sustain jobs for people throughout the world who have been handcrafting artisanal goods for generations. We partner with women’s groups, minorities, people with special needs, urban slums and isolated rural communities to empower artisans through dignified, sustainable employment.

Above all, we value: 
• Safe work conditions 
• Education 
• The confidence and well-being of our artisan partners 
• No child labor 
• Sustainable materials and trade practices


wood_craft_artisanEach artisan uses hand tools to skillfully carve blocks of sustainably-sourced wood into fine treasures. This art form requires mastery to create the intricate carving, filigree and inlay work. Many of the patterns are deeply influenced by cultural motifs from dynasties that ruled the region centuries ago. Artisans finish and detail each item with natural wax and non-toxic paints.



metal_work_artisanMetal Engraving is an art form that dates back over 500 years to the time of the Rajput Kings in West India. Frames and boxes are made with raw materials such as sustainably harvested wood and the metal engravings are often produced with upcycled and salvaged materials such as aluminum, bronze, and brass. 




In a vegetarian region called Rajasthan, cows are revered and live well. After they pass from old age, their hides are tanned using a vegetable tanning method, which protects the environment and artisans from toxic chemicals. Using hand tools, artisans applies love and skill to stitching, embossing, and embroidering our products.