Size Guide - Elegancia Tropical Hats

From our friends at Elegancia Tropical Hats -  a few helpful tips to make sure you get the right hat size. You’ll need a measuring tape (preferably in cm for accuracy) to measure your head and match it with the size chart below.

However, before you get to that you’ll need to decide how you want to wear your hat. There are two main options: halo and traditional. It is important to measure your hat to your preferred option to guarantee a desired fit.



Felt Hat size guide - halo style measurement.
If you wish to wear your hat ‘halo’ style like the image above you simply must wrap the measuring tape around your head starting at the furthest part of the back of your head and ending at the top of your forehead or beginning of your hairline. 


If you prefer to wear your hat in a traditional way, wrap your measuring tape around the widest part of your head right above your ears and your eyebrows or in the center of your forehead. This will depend on where you want the hat to sit.
Make sure that regardless of the style the measuring tape is not too loose or too tight. If your measurements don’t match exactly, we recommend going to the next size up.

If you have a hat that already fits perfectly, you can check its size tag and match it with this chart to determine the size of your Elegancia Tropical hat.

Once you have established your measurement, please use the sizing chart below to determine the size of your Elegancia Tropical hat. Thr sizes are divided into simple small, medium, large and extra large

Size Chart

Final Note

Different people like to wear their hats in different ways. Although these are our general recommendations to establishing a hat size, there is no one correct way.

Whilst a tighter hat may be better for a day at the beach or horseback riding, a looser hat might be more comfortable for a relaxed, extended period of time. It is ultimately up to you to determine how to wear it.
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